Tech Silos Destroy - Superpowers of Connected Data

We’ve all suffered through the frustrating customer service or sales experience of being passed from one department to the next, repeating your issue or account information, only to be placed on hold and transferred yet again, to repeat the same cycle.

These painful customer service loops are all too common. Salesforce’s 2019 State of the Connected Customer survey, spanning both consumers and B2B business, found 66% of customers say they often have to repeat or re-explain information to different representatives, and 59% of customers say it generally feels like they’re communicating with separate departments, not one company.

Customers notice disconnects throughout your business - most frequently, the direct result of data silos. Data silos occur when your customer activity – orders, customer service issues, online activity, sales appointments, etc. – are stored in separate systems or tools and not accessible by all departments or customer-facing individuals. Even tech-savvy companies experience data silos or spend extensive time and financial investment trying to connect tools that don’t easily talk to one another.

Learn why “connected data” is the foundation behind our Pharos E-commerce Suite, and how connecting your data improves your businesses’ communication and customer experience, while saving your business money and time.

Why Pharos was Built to Connect


We built the Pharos Product Suite to solve this issue of disconnected customer experiences and siloed data. Every Pharos tool connects out-of-the-box to the other Pharos products for painless data sharing.

Your customers think of you as a single company, not as a series of teams or departments. By instantaneously sharing customer and account activity across tools and departments, everyone in your organization stays on the same page and delivers the same, consistent customer experience – every time.

For example, let’s say your customer adds a product to their cart:

  • Your inside sales team or customer service reps see that cart item in Pharos CRM

  • Your field sales team sees that cart item in Pharos Sales App

  • Any scheduled appointment or service calls are visible to all teams, so more than one person won’t reach out to the same customer

  • All account information is visible in both CRM and Sales App, so if the customer reaches out, they don’t have to repeat their information

  • Your marketing team sees that cart in their marketing tool to send triggered abandoned cart emails

  • Business leaders can access reports on all activity

Over the last 20 years, data silos were consistently one of the biggest challenges our clients faced. Pharos is a direct response and solution. Let’s dive deeper to see how simply connecting your data enhances your business.

You’ll Improve Communication and Customer Experience

When your customer receives an email for a product they’d never buy, or an introductory phone call from a rep when there’s an existing relationship, they’re not flattered by the outreach and attention – they’re annoyed. These disconnects show customers you’re not paying attention to their individual customer journey.

Of course, customers don’t make connecting the customer journey easy, as they jump from one experience – or channel – to the next. Salesforce finds nearly two-thirds (64%) of customers have used multiple devices to start and complete transactions — such as browsing on a smartphone only to sign up for an account on a desktop later. Nevertheless, customers expect your team to know what they’ve done.

The same survey found 62% of customers expect companies to adapt based on their actions and behavior. They want email promotions for products they’re most likely to buy and meaningful phone calls from reps – to check in after a customer service issue, send them a personalized wishlist, offer ideas on merchandising their last order, or share products trending in their neck of the woods. The interactions are expected to be personal and helpful, or they’re just noise. Customers expect a consultative, value-adding sales experience both online and in-person.

Your ability to pick up every customer experience where it left off hinges on the tools storing each datapoint of the customer journey. When you use a product like Pharos, the dots connect for you. When you have tools that don’t share data, each customer interaction starts and ends in its own silo, and connecting the dots becomes manual, tedious, and expensive – while also causing your customer to become frustrated.

You’ll Save Money and Time

Whether you’re buying SaaS software or custom on-premise platforms, too many technology investments turn you into the dreaded middleman.

You’re responsible for connecting tools to maximize your investment (like connecting your customer relationship management (CRM) system to your marketing tool, for example). This means buying a costly integration tool from a third-party or paying for technical resources (like Whereoware) to assist you. Not to mention, the cost of wasted time and resources from troubleshooting issues or creating workarounds, and the inability of your sales team to operate at 100%.

Simple and seamless integration is the driving force behind Pharos. You don’t spend a cent on costly connectors, hours trying to troubleshoot issues, or tedious time pulling data from one tool, cleansing and reformatting it, only to push it into another tool. Everything connects and shares data out-of-the-box.

If you ever run into trouble, you won’t be passed from department to department or even worst, be battling the help desk on both tools to find a resolution. You’ll have a single point-of-contact to call to resolve your issue.

Empower Your Teams with ConnectED Data

When some teams or business units use certain tools and other teams use other tools, each department is getting a narrow, singular view of your business. By ensuring every customer action passes equally to everyone in the organization, you’ve empowered all teams to deliver a single, seamless experience to every customer.

Want to see how Pharos shares data across tools? Contact us or get a free demo.

DataWhereoware Team