Code Perfect

Build responsive emails, without HTML


Code Perfect is a responsive email build tool for overtaxed Marketers to build professional and responsive emails in minutes, without needing to use HTML code.

The simple, click-to-add interface builds emails like a Lego tower, by stacking pre-tested email modules within an on-brand, custom template. Build better emails faster and with less resources.


 Who Loves Code Perfect

Code Perfect helps busy marketing and e-commerce teams design and develop error-free, “code perfect” responsive email templates in a fraction of the time.


E-com + Marketing tEAMS

  • Build code perfect, responsive emails in minutes (no HTML code required)

  • Access 120+ pre-tested code modules, for endless design variety

  • Use Code Perfect with any ESP, marketing automation tool, or WYSIWYG editor

  • Save time troubleshooting broken emails

  • Collaborate with team using one code library